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THANK YOU! We reached 35k and 91 countries!

Dear Friends and Supporters, We’ve passed the last day of our campaign… Before anything else, we want to express our great gratitude for all the support we have received. Many thanks to each one of you. 511 people have all-in-all donated ~35,220€! Your contributions move us deeply, as they’re a powerful encouragement and energy boost, allowing us to come closer to completing this production and also as they reflect your care for the Earth, the water and future generations. This is a moment for us to pause and review some of what has happened during this time:

  • We have published a sneak preview of our original animation of the water cycle and received a lot of positive feedback from people, many of whom felt profoundly impacted by a sense of possibility for healing and transformation. People all around the world saw this animation - 1,130 of you from 91 countries! Thank you for this backflow of energy. It is good to feel that in this way we can reach a global audience and contribute to our current challenges around climate change. Additionally, we have decided to extend the screening of the animation until November 23, so that many more people will have the opportunity to view it before we take it offline.

  • COP26 took place in Glasgow, turning out to be a huge failure, as the commitments of world leaders and corporations are nowhere near what would be necessary to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown in this century, putting us on the trajectory of 2.4 degree global heating by 2100. As Greta Thunberg reflects, “This is not a conference. This is now a Global North greenwash festival, a two-week-long celebration of business as usual and blah, blah, blah. … It should be obvious that we cannot solve a crisis with the same methods that got us into it in the first place.” Though this is heart-breaking, we can’t pretend to be surprised. We’re producing this documentary precisely because we need to think and act outside of the current system to find a meaningful and relevant response to the climate crisis.

  • To open to receive this money and manage a crowdfunding campaign has been an experience of initiation for our team. We are learning a lot about how money and love are core topics that need to be addressed to restore relations, and how to bring forth our gifts in a capitalistic world. We are definitely being worked by these topics, and we find ourselves on a path of maturing as a team.

  • We also faced technical challenges that interrupted the flow of donations, with the credit card service out of order for almost a week. We’re sorry for the inconvenience that has caused for people who wanted to donate and thank you for your patience with us.

At the same time, we also want to acknowledge that we didn’t reach our full goal, but are ~15,000 Euros short. That’s why we decided that we will leave our campaign open for donations to trickle in, as reaching 50,000€ is vital for us to complete this production and bring this series into the world. While we will take a break from social media and updates, we are still with the prayer and intention we started with. If you are connected with a foundation that supports projects like Water is Love, or know of an individual that has the means and an open heart for the message we are trying to bring forth, we would love to hear from you about these kinds of opportunities to reach our goal. You can reach us at

Thank you so much for your generosity and joining us in this endeavor. We will be in touch soon, gifting back perks, sharing updates about finishing our fundraising, and keeping your posted about the next steps of production. We look forward to sharing our progress and having you as our first audience when we release the Water is Love series. For the love of water, Emily, Rosa, Ludwig, Martin, and Isabel



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