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Three More Days & Animation Screening Extended!


Thank you SO much for being part of our animation release. This short film is a heart piece to our larger production, Water is Love: A docu-series about restoring ecosystems and ourselves. Over 800 people have viewed it in the past week, and we hope many more will still see it!

We would love to hear from you. What did you think of the film? What moved you about the content and the message?

Please send your reviews to for our future promotions and events with this animation.

We have extended the screening until November 23rd as some of our team will be at the European River’s Summit next weekend, where we will do a screening for the participants and network with River Lovers, activists, NGO’s, and experts from around Europe and for the possibility that the animation will spread even further.

During the time of producing this animation, our team was also busy interviewing water protectors and radical thinkers about system change, why water is important to include in the climate conversation, and why love and interdependence is a core element to switching from surviving to thriving on this planet in these times. You can view clips of some of these interviews we feature in the series on our website:

We are currently at the end of an epic crowdfunding campaign to raise 50,000 euros. We only have THREE days left, and still need to raise around 16,000 euros. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to contribute, we hope you will join us in meeting our goal, if you can. If everyone who has seen the animation donated 20 euros, we would cross the finish line!

Donate Here Every drop counts!

With so much gratitude for your support and love,

Emily, Isabel, Rosa, Ludwig & Martin


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