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Day 11 Update!

Dear Community of Supporters,

We are 11 days into our crowdfunding campaign and we are so grateful for your contributions. As we write to you, we’ve raised 20,289€ so far! From the surprise big donations to all the small amounts that are adding up, everything counts! We realized that if everyone from the mailing lists we are sending our campaign to contributed 2.50€, we would meet our goal of 50,000€!

Raising the funds we need to complete & distribute this production isn’t the only thing we are busy with… Part of our intention with this campaign is to build our audience and share the teachings of water that we have had the honor and privilege of receiving over the 3.5 years from our teachers, mentors, and community since we started producing this film.

We hope you’ve had the chance to see the clips we’ve put out of the Water Protectors we feature. You can watch them on our website:

As filmmakers we believe it’s important to let you in on our thinking, how we move with these sentences that we share on social media, and what inspires us to dedicate this moment of our lives to bringing this message to the world.

So we offer you a conversation between Rosa Pannitschka and Emily Bishop, reflecting on a quote from Rajendra Singh:

Once again, thank you so much for your contributions, and keep an eye out for a special gift back to you and more clips into the film that we will be releasing throughout the next weeks!

With gratitude from a windy, (finally!) cloudy day in Southern Portugal,

Rosa, Emily, Ludwig, Isabel, and Martin



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