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The climate crisis is changing everything, and humanity finds itself at a crossroads.


Unprecedented wildfires, floods and droughts rage across the planet; millions rise for radical climate action; and still, governments continue to prioritize short-term profits over everyone’s future.

Will our species continue our current trajectory towards extinction or will we enter into a synergistic cooperation with Earth? 

This documentary will invite us to make sense of the climate crisis as a moment of possibility for regeneration and systemic change. We go on a journey to discover how a renewed relationship to water and each other can enable us to regenerate damaged ecosystems and and heal trauma, in the face of a radically changing world. We explore how healing love and restoring the broken relations between one another and healing our broken relation with the Earth are mutually interdependent.


Featuring stories of Indigenous elders and community leaders, regenerative design experts

and activists, we learn about:

  • The perspectives of youth in these times struggling with the climate crisis

  • Traditional ecological knowledge and indigenous wisdom

  • Power-over vs power-with 

  • The historical (and continuous) arc of colonialism and genocide as a cause of global crises, and perspectives on collective trauma

  • Restoring complete water cycles

  • Water protection movements & global solidarity

  • How community building is a response to crises and a necessity for systemic change and for the healing of love with each other and the planet


The climate crisis could be an opportunity for a collective initiation into a more mature relation with Earth and all fellow beings.

By confronting the status quo of apathy, building societies of solidarity and care, and restoring healthy water, we can create the world our hearts are longing for.