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What Does
water want?


A Free Online Summit about
Regenerating Ecosystems and Ourselves

Join us live from August 1-4 for expert teachings and conversations on ecological restoration and climate resilience, accompanying the global premiere of the “Water is Love” documentary. We will share meditations, group exercises and resources to support you to be an active part in the regeneration revolution.


Interactive live sessions with leading researchers, regenerative design experts, Indigenous leaders and youth activists who are daring to approach the climate crisis with love and possibility.

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Sabine Lichtenfels

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Tiokasin Ghosthorse

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Indira Khurana

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Machado de Oliveira

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André Vizinho

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Ayya Santacitta

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Bernd Müller

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Silvano Rizzi

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Marcus Dittrich

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Sign up now for free access to the online summit and premiere of "Water is Love: Ripples of Regeneration"

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 Why we need to focus on water. 

As Western science catches up with what many Indigenous peoples and nature researchers have known for millennia, we realize just how essential intact water cycles are for water security, the health of ecosystems and climate stability. You’ll explore what water cycles do, how they function and make climate, and how they’ve been broken.


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Decentralized rainwater retention helps restore broken water cycles, refill aquifers and cool the atmosphere. You’ll learn about practical applications and get to know inspiring case studies for a positive climate change and for resilience in the face of drought, heat and flood.

 Why we can regenerate ecosystems and the climate through community-driven decentralized water management. 

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Most responses to the climate crisis encourage us either to “save ourselves” or to “give up,” but what if we acknowledge that this way of living will have to end, one way or another? You’ll inquire into how many responses to the climate crisis reflect the same underlying attitudes that have provoked it and how we might approach this crisis as an initiation into a deeper, healthier relationship with Earth and life itself.

 How we can embrace collapse in ways that increase connection and solidarity, rather than fear, separation and control. 

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 How regenerating ecosystems is connected with healing ourselves and our relations with each other. 

How we relate to Earth is a reflection of how we relate to ourselves, our bodies and one another. At the same time, ecological care can help us heal and regenerate ourselves, to reconnect with life. Learn how ecological and inner change depend on each other, and how we can re-enchant our lives and allow our own life energy to flow as freely as the waters want to free.

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How you can get active in water and ecosystem regeneration.

The regenerative revolution is both very visionary and practical. Its solutions won’t wait for any COP or industry agreement, but can be implemented by local communities that come together in shared care for each other, Earth and the future. You’ll learn about simple techniques for rainwater conservation and what to pay attention to as you take your first steps as land stewards. 

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 How we can  listen to and learn from water. 

What if water wasn’t just a chemical substance, but alive, a being with agency in its own right? Surely an absurd proposition from the perspective of materialism, which believes only those with big brains can feel and think – but many cultural traditions and even some researchers suggest otherwise. You’ll hear mind-expanding and heart-opening stories of water as a living being and learn how we can be in relational reciprocity with living systems. What if water’s flows could communicate wisdom and offer us guidance?

“Water is like a blood system that feeds the big organism of the Earth which is a body, a body that has spirit, that has its own state of consciousness. In this sense water is the foundation.” 
- Ati Quigua



Sign up now for free access to the online summit and premiere of "Water is Love: Ripples of Regeneration"


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