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Want to host a screening with your

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Our team is thrilled to announce that we have a finished feature length documentary and an animated short!

We are currently in the initial phases of our Impact Campaign and we are currently raising funds to make it happen. 

We are excited to share that a generous friend and supporter of the film has donated $10,000USD to support this phase and has offered an additional $5,000USD in matching funds.

If you are moved to support us, whatever you give on our donation page will be doubled up to 5k!!



We have three streams:

  1. Film Festivals - Both How Water Makes Climate and Water is Love: Ripples of Regeneration are on FilmFreeway and we will be submitting to film festivals this year. This will give our films the opportunity to be seen worldwide and possibly be scouted for distribution platforms. 

  2. Online Summit & Limited Screening - In June we will host an online summit with speakers from the water and climate movement. We are inviting indigenous leaders, youth activists, and water retention specialists to share their wisdom with us. The feature length documentary will be available for a limited time to screen for three days and the animation will have its streaming premiere on the WaterBear Network. 

  3. Community, School, and Organizational Partnerships & Screenings - We are already hosting local in-person screenings and are inviting you to partner with us to bring the animation and documentary to your people. This can be online or in-person, and we can show up depending on if we are local enough or zoom in! We would love to use some of the funds we receive to create a community screening guideline as well as an educational curriculum to accompany the film for k-8, 9-12 and university level classes. 

All of this takes a tremendous amount of work and resources for a team that has prominently volunteered to create these productions.


The money you contribute will go towards:

  • website redesign & summit software 

  • graphic designer for movie poster image

  • digital ads

  • marketing research & support

  • film festival fees

  • community screening guide design

  • educational resource packet & curriculum for k-8/9-12/college, 

  • and paying our summit speakers and our team.

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